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Urška Dolinšek, professor of Sports education
CEO @ Fitnes klinika by Urška

It was kickboxing to lead me into sport, a fighting sport that I’ve been practicing for 10 years being national champion for 7 years and second at the European championship in 2002. I’ve upgraded my knowledge graduating at the Faculty of sports, being active as a fitness trainer all my years of studying. My empathy always attracted mostly people, who were limited in their moving for injuries and disease. It caused me desire more and more knowledge, so I visited many congresses in Slovenia and abroad, e.g. the largest fitness & healthcare congress IDEA in Los Angeles in 2009 and 2015.

I can say as a many years’ expert in the field of body treatment, that our connections to our bodies are weak, so we’re living a life outside our bodies! Following the increasing demand for personified exercising with individual approach, I established the Fitnes Klinika, in the 2014 to give persons with body limitations the possibility to exercise in a safe and high-quality way, guided by professional experts. Professionality, empathy, accuracy and commitment are the properties that made me be connected to many projects and include me in many body treatment activities I’m in for 18 years. In 2016 I’ve been participating to the Over 80 Active day program, being performed in the DEOS centers for elders on eight locations in Slovenia. I’m glad to share by rich experience as lecturer in many events (The fitness association of Slovenia Congress, The Tax conference, Kickboxing association of Slovenia, Women’s Academy Donnakademy, …). Not long ago, I reestablished my connections to the Faculty of Sports as a mentor to their graduation and bachelor students, being their mentor at their practicing at the Fitnes Klinika.

My greatest challenge was choosing trainers, experts able to understand the philosophy of the Fitnes Klinika, to add value to professionally led training by commitment and unique personality. Once a deep doubt is today an infinite pride for the “heart of the Fitnes Klinika” – the team of trainers, exceptional experts, able to conjure up exceptional results and smiling faces, giving value to programs by professional contents.

"Records are a must, We’re praising us by number of miles run, by how much of exercising we’ve done,… but rarely anyone listens to his body, calling for adapted exercising with personal approach.”

CEO Fitnes klinika by Urška

  • graduated at the Faculty of Sports - sports training specialty
  • professor of Sports education
  • licensed fighting sports' trainer with A licence
  • swimming trainer
  • alpine style skiing trainer
  • ski running trainer
  • participant to the World's fitness Congress IDEA in Los Angeles in 2009 and 2015 and many sports, medical and therapeutic congresses in Slovenia
  • 20 years of working experience
  • personal trainer with over than 13.000 lead personal trainings
  • trainer of adapted exercising for elders with over than 3.100 lead trainings
  • 17 years head of the MANAGER PROGRAM at the Millenium Sports Center
  • 17 years trainer of the ADAPTED EXERCISING FOR ELDERS at the Millenium Sports Center
  • 3 years leader of the Active day program at Fitnes klinika
  • 6 years personal trainer and trainer of exercising for elders at the Fitnes & wellness center OTELO
  • 10 years of Kickbox training
  • 7 years in row national champion in kickboxing
  • 2nd place at the European Kickboxing Championship
  • lecturer at the Fitness Associaton of Slovenia Congress, Women's Academy Donnakademy, Tax Conference, Kickboxing Association of Slovenia,…
  • organizer of workshops on healthy nutrition
  • author of expert articles at the VELNES portal (VSŠKV )
  • mentor to kinesiology graduation and bachelor students of the Faculty of Sports at the University of Ljubljana
  • expert at the FIT Z ODO project
  • co-founder of the AKTIVEN DAN (Active day) program and its leading in eight DEOS centers for elders in Slovenia
  • leader of the pilot research on the Active Day program efficiency in collaboration with the faculty of Sports.
  • Millenium Challenge 2015, 2016, 2017