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How well do you know your body? Did you know human body has about 640 muscles?

We’re too often forgetting the consequences of modern lifestyle. We’re not using our bodies for their primary function any more, which is MOVING. Elementary moving patterns should be the fundamental part of human moving. They’re unfortunately disappearing. Not only adults, but children are losing them, too. Less muscle activity makes them get smaller, loading more the rest of the body structures and causing body deformation and pain. And what are we doing? We’re usually trying to solve the problem in a wrong way, overlooking the source of the problem. Deformations of the whole skeleton are mostly a consequence of motion insufficiency. Our bodes cannot function correctly without the indispensable muscular support.

More and more people are being hit by the consequences of long lasting sedentary lifestyle. Body inactivity leads to chronic diseases, like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

We’ve noticed many positive effects of exercising on a human body in many years of our activity:


Less joints and muscle pain,

which are mostly caused by insufficient or irregular moving. We can give anyone the possibility to develop necessary motional capabilities by professionally organizing his exercising, avoiding deformations and injuries, and make the person enjoy his favorite sports without pain.

Easier after-injury comeback

practicing suitable exercising. Post rehabilitation exercising with increasing exercise intensity up to the optimal is a must for a successful comeback after an effective physiotherapy. But the most important thing to do is find the cause of injury and remove the weak point by suitable exercising.

Improvement at chronic disease

by physical activity. People suffering a chronic disease find difficult to join usual exercise programs and remain inactive. Consequences of a chronic disease state can be reduced by an adapted and personalized exercising program, even removed in some cases. It’s the way how physical activity can be accessible to everybody, even to persons suffering of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, cancer or other chronic diseases.

Improving body composition

in every age period. Our body composition is changing with age. Generally, the amount of muscles mass is lowering, and fat quantity is increasing. We can avoid lowering or even increase the muscles mass, which is the functional part of our body composition, by suitable exercising. Another way to reduce fat, unnecessary load to our joints, is combining healthy nutrition to exercising. Regular physical activity contributes to get a proper bone mass, too.

Improving of mental health.

Mental disturbances like anxiety and depression are increasing with the modern lifestyle. Mental health at regularly physically active people is better.


Fitnes klinika is the place to learn and improve the state of your body and mind. We’re arguing for individual approach accentuating health. Our programs are distinguished by high specialism and    treating individuals in their integrity. Our team is composed exclusively by experts, graduated at the Faculty of sports, a great part of them are kinesiologists.

We’re focusing on diagnostic approach to exercising activity, the only effective and safe physical activity approach. We’re inviting you to try the FITNES KLINIKA –TEST
You’ll talk to a sports expert about your dynamics at your working place, which recreation activities you’re practicing, and about your general health state. You can express your desires, we’ll plan together realistic goals for you. Visiting the testing hour is for you the most systematical approach to physical activity you can later continue in Fitnes klinika programs.

Is exercising an unpleasant and tormenting activity for you? Let us help find a fit and pleasant physical activity for you.

When did you test your limit capability for the last time? Do you enjoy competing to yourself or with friends? Surprise yourself! Join the Fitnes Klinika Test program and verify your body and mind capability in a safe way.